About Us:

The company SMEss was formed in March 2020 after requests from several historical clients of the management team to setup and manage a consortium of SMME’s with the historical technical staff that they are comfortable with. Basically wishing for the same service levels they received years ago from the same people

What we do

Areas of Expertise

Coming from the Digital Infrastructure industry in the Technology sector the management of SMEss has a clear technical understanding of this industry. Apart from this the management managed and build several successful companies for Nextec/EOH after they purchased the management team’s historical company BT Cape.

The Services to SMME’s include:

1. Business evaluation and management

2. Financial management

Including accurate financial reports, paying creditors, paying Tax and Collecting Debts

3. HR and Payroll

4. Health and Safety Management

5. Technical support in the Digital Infrastructure Sector

SMME’s in our consortium

The SMME’s included in our consortium are owned and managed by the top staff of our historical business (BT Cape) and became the labour force for the EOH infrastructure companies. Through years of excellent service our clients are familiar and comfortable with them. As a result the creation of this consortium of SMME’s were very well accepted by our corporate and Government clients.

The SMESS Team

Meet the Team

our team

Charl Van Niekerk

CEO / Business Advisor / Business Developer
082 468 1226

Maruschka Viljoen

HR Manager & Payroll
081 840 4814

Rasheed Ho-kim

Financial Manager
084 633 3525

Ben Viljoen

Health & Safety Officer
081 837 3686